Pic2Go’s innovative patent pending 2D barcodes technology is a precise photo tagging tool. Our system is a powerful, targeted, and instant marketing tool that creates Experiential Marketing for the Sponsors, through participants’ Facebook photo sharing for the event which generates Likes, Comments, and Impressions.

Pic2Go’s powerful photo tagging and marketing system can easily upload up to 1000 photos per hour with less than 0.5% error rate, resulting immediate impact in social media.


Simple, Fast and Effective


Print Pic2Go barcodes on any media

Each participant will have a unique barcode – with one dedicated ID number.
We provide you with the barcodes in graphic files - to be used by your selected printer while printing to any media (BIB, sticker, rounded PIN, ID Card)


Take regular photos & upload the photos using Pic2Go system

Event photography can be done by your selected photographers (with standard DSLR). There's no need for any special equipment.
Once the photographs are taken, you only need to upload the photos using Pic2Go system. No resizing or pre-processing is required as our system optimizes each photo automatically.


The system automatically recognizes each photographed barcode

Once the photos are uploaded, Pic2Go system scans the 2D barcodes and tag the ID number for specific participant.


Participant types the ID number in event website

All participants need to register by typing the ID number in the event website before, during, or after the event.
Once the photos are tagged by the system, they are branded and posted directly onto each participant’s personal Facebook photo album; and instantly shared with all of their friends.


To ensure that all of our clients will achieve their marketing objectives using Pic2Go system

We can customize a solution to best suit your needs. Please contact us for detailed explanation.


Feel free to contact us for any inquiries, questions or concerns.

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